SKUManufacturerModelPart CategoryDescription
934739-850HPHP 14 G5AC AdapterAC ADAPTER 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 45W (USB-C Power Supply) *INCLUDES POWER CORD*
815049-001HPHP 14 G5AC AdapterAC ADAPTER 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 45W (90 degree USB-C Power Supply) *INCLUDES POWER CORD*
917725-855HPHP 14 G5BatteryBATTERY 2 CELL
L14350-001HPHP 14 G5LCD / Glass14" LCD HD 1366X768 MATTE 30 PIN CONNECTOR

901229-855HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousWIRELESS CARD
DD00G3CM002HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousCAMERA CABLE
L07235-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousCAMERA WITH MICROPHONE
L14331-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousSENSOR BOARD WITH CABLE
L14332-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousHINGE SET (RIGHT & LEFT)
L14338-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousLCD VIDEO CABLE
L14352-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousSCREW SET
L14353-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousSPEAKER
L14356-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousTOUCHPAD WITH CABLE

L14358-001HPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousUSB BOARD ONLY (WITHOUT CABLE)

L14358-001-CABLEHPHP 14 G5MiscellaneousUSB BOARD CABLE
L15339-001HPHP 14 G5MotherboardMOTHERBOARD 4GB
L15339-001-EXCHANGEHPHP 14 G5MotherboardMOTHERBOARD 4GB *EXCHANGE* (Core must be returned within 60 days to avoid additional $25 charge)
L14329-001HPHP 14 G5PlasticBOTTOM CASE
L14333-001HPHP 14 G5PlasticLCD TOP COVER
L14335-001HPHP 14 G5PlasticLCD BEZEL