Purchasing Contracts

To simplify your procurement process, AGParts Education is an approved vendor on several national and regional purchasing cooperatives.

Open Bid for Technology CLS 2017.004  (Vendor# 10100205)

Contract #20180402/Chromebook Parts

BID# 200105 Technology Solutions Products and Services (Tech Buyback)

BID #2018-03 Technology Catalog Bid for Repair/Replacement Parts through Public Purchase    

RFP# 3-175-17 Computers, Peripherals, Hardware and Software Supplies


BID# 18-19-7Q000 Device Supplies, Service & Repair

Contract # 19-7321 (Consulting, Contracted Services, Staff Development, and Related Services)

Technology Services Contract # 0701018-063018      

Vendor # 32832

Contract ID: ALJP2019-009

Computer Hardware & Supplies CMPH1819

Bid # HCESC-10-10


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